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The mHealth Alliance works to catalyze the power of mobile technologies to advance health and well-being throughout the world, with a focus on low-income countries. To do this, the Alliance's activities focus on strategic priorities that address the gaps in the mHealth ecosystem while also advancing mHealth initiatives in key health topics.

The Alliance mobilizes the global health and mHealth communities to take action that leads toward effective integration of mHealth into global health practices, programs, and policies.

The "mHealth Commons" can be defined as public goods that would accelerate the impact and mainstreaming of mHealth, which do not disproportionately benefit any one player, and are unlikely – and often impossible – to be undertaken by any individual stakeholder.
With help from experts, thought-leaders, and community builders, the mHealth Alliance seeks to build the mHealth Commons through a variety of activities and engagement with a cross section of mHealth stakeholders.

To catalyze its members and partners to build the mobile health commons, the Alliance is undertaking the following four core activities that characterize its role in this process:

  1. Set the agenda to build the mobile health commons
    The Alliance is working with its members and partners to define the core areas in the Commons that are required to address gaps in the mHealth field.
  2. Build the mHealth knowledge base, using it to communicate and advocate to players in global health
    The Alliance is collecting and cataloguing information on mHealth (e.g., research, projects, funding). This knowledge base will be used to inform mHealth practitioners and stakeholders and encourage them to advocate for the effective use of mobile for health.
  3. Connect, convene, and facilitate the community to address the strategic priorities
    The Alliance engages in country-level workshops and has established Communities of Practice on HUB to invigorate interested stakeholders and allow them to connect and exchange knowledge and ideas. The Alliance also facilitates Working Groups that jointly work on key priority areas.
  4. Provide catalytic funding to promote the advancement of mHealth and accelerate the building of the mobile health commons
    The mHealth Alliance provides small catalytic grants to mHealth activities that accelerate the building of the mHealth Commons.

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